Technology vision


Ocean Robotics International AB was founded as a result of numerous requests from customers to develop products that are better tailored to their specific needs. The requests also involved products with higher reliability than the vast majority of products on the market.

With many years of experience in the development, manufacture and maintenance of ROV systems for Offshore as well as Inshore use, the founders of the company holds a solid understanding of what is important to our customers. We have also accumulated a good knowledge about the technical solutions that work in the tough conditions under water and the technical risks that compromise the reliability of underwater system.

The development of all of our products started from scratch in 2010, which gave us the opportunity to combine proven solutions with new technology. This allows us to design products with the right features and performance while keeping reliability our top priority. All development is done in close dialogue with our customers. From the start we have been working after a carefully thought-out model based on a modular architecture and scalability. Thereby we have created the ability to deliver products that meet our customers' specific needs in a wide range of activities.

A consistent approach is to create the best conditions for reliability by both physical and electrical isolation between different system components. Simultaneously we always have a focus on reliability in component selection and detailing of the individual system components.

We strive to offer our customers the best possible availability and a low total cost of ownership. This is achieved by creating products that require a minimum of preventive maintenance and are designed for efficient use.

Extensive knowledge

  • Embedded systems
  • Mechanical development
  • Guidance and control systems
  • CAN bus, Ethernet and USB
  • Software development
  • Electronic design
  • Project management